HASH Standard Library

HASH provides a set of useful functions to help simplify simulation construction. These are provided through a standard library, hstd

Currently the Standard Library is only accessible in JavaScript; however, we're expanding this to include equivalent functions for Python and Rust. The Python language environment also provides access to a wide array of scientific Python packages.

Types of functions in the HASH Standard Library

The HASH Standard Library contains the following types of functions:




Functions describing and modifying the location of agents in x,y,z space.


Functions related to neighbors and neighbor calculations.


Functions for performing complex statistical modeling or analysis.


Functions related to random number generation


Functions for helping build and use agents.

Using the HASH Standard Library

To call a standard library function, use the hash_stblib object followed by the function name, for example:

function behavior(state, context) {
let distance = hstd.distanceBetween(agentA, agentB)

Scientific Python

HASH provides access to a number of scientific Python packages which can be utilized in simulations. Read more >