Sharing Simulations

HASH isn't just about building your own simulations. It's also about sharing them so that other users can run them, learn from them, ask questions and make suggestions.

Sharing Simulations

When you create a simulation, you can select whether it is a public or private project. You can easily switch visibility by clicking "Update Project" on the project page.

Update a project to change its visibility

At the bottom of the Update form, click the bolded text to switch visibility.

Switching between public and private

When a project is public, other users will be able to fork it (create a copy). Information about whether a simulation was forked is recorded in the metadata of a simulation.

Sharing Behaviors

See Composable behaviors for information on sharing and importing behaviors.


When your simulations or behaviors reach certain levels of functionality, you can create a release to designate a functioning "snapshot" of your project. You can do so by clicking the "create a release" button in the top right corner.

Creating a release

Creating a release will allow you to add a description and categorize your project. As you make improvements, fix bugs, or add features to your simulation, creating a release will allow you to increment the version number and describe changes you've made.

Incrementing a release

This allows you to jump back to previous versions if you accidentally introduced a bug, or allows other users to stay up-to-date on changes and improvements to their favorite simulations they've been watching.