Getting started with HASH

Welcome to HASH, an end-to-end platform for quickly creating rich, massively parallelizable simulations.

Getting Started

As a new user, the best way to learn HASH is to browse our gallery of examples to find toy simulations with interesting dynamics you can tinker with

Simulations in HASH might be a bit different than what you're used to. We leverage concepts from agent-based modeling - composable agents and behaviors, to make it faster and easier for you to study the complex dynamics of the problem you're trying to solve.

Read up on Agent-Based Modeling Basics if you're new to ABM, or if you want to better understand how these concepts translate into HASH.

You'll quickly find that the key to success in HASH is understanding and working with Agents and Behaviors.

Quickly get started by playing with examples from the hIndex or carry on reading to learn more about the tools provided to you by the HASH platform.

Community & Support

You can also check out the community forum or join our public Slack.

Upcoming Features

You can view our changelog of recent updates to the platform, or check out our roadmap to learn more about our future plans for HASH.